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If your school would like to get involved, please email for more info.

We are so grateful to have been able to take our lessons into schools over the past few years!

From after school sessions, to lunch time & even FOR THEIR PE LESSON!

It's been extremely rewarding sharing skateboarding to so many various children throughout Tamaki Makaurau, and even more rewarding being apart of the process of watching skateboarding receive the recognition it deserves.

We have loved meeting so many amazing young people, but we have loved watching them all fall in love with skateboarding the most!


Why your school should consider incorporating skateboarding into their activities.

Skateboarding is an awesome skill for tamariki to learn, it creates a great sense of accomplishment and a drive to improve oneself whilst improving confidence and critical thinking.

Skateboarding teaches many beneficial things
such as resilience, advanced motor coordination, risk analysis,
self discipline, patience, trail & error, defeat, conquering fear, supporting others, the list could go on. This is why it is so important for our youth to have access to this amazing life tool.

Activities will include fundamentals such as pushing, carving, braking, pumping and dropping in etc so all students attain a good understanding of basic skills.
Emphasise on road safety and risk analysis to encourage students to skate to school.

Students will learn under the guidance of skilled, passionate skateboarders who are police vetted, VCA certified and qualified in first aid.

Delivery plan, Child Protection Policy and RAMS forms available upon request. Email

Skateboards, helmets and safety equipment are available for students during classes.


Download these images to put in your school newsletter!

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