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We were soooo excited when Vans New Zealand approached us to inform us of the New Lizzie Armanto Pro Skate Shoes that were coming out!

Lizzie Armanto is a pro skater from the USA who is a massive inspiration to all of us here at Girls Skate NZ!

When Lizzie got the opportunity, she didn’t just set out to make a women’s skate shoe. Instead, she wanted to provide something else entirely for a wider range of skateboarders whose needs were not being met. So when Vans set out to create Lizzie’s first signature skateboarding shoe, Vans listened closely to her and what she needed to progress. The result is their most inclusive shoe to date. Lizzie wanted a shoe that represented her completely—from a slimmer fit tailored to her foot shape to a leaner outsole for a closer connection to her board and improved flexibility. The impact cushioning in typical skate shoes left Lizzie feeling like she was floating above her board, so Vans created a new lower profile footbed to eliminate the gap. The Lizzie also features a new vulcanized construction with a lower profile sidewall foxing tape, an exposed radiused outsole edge, and flex grooves for a stable, broken-in feel. Plus, the universal fit features the perfect amount of EcoCush™ cushioning, increasing boardfeel for a wider range of skaters. And to top it all off, a new 3D Embossed DURACAP™ toe and Sidestripe has even more durability in high-wear areas, while an all-new micro-waffle tread and Sick-Stick™ rubber offer maximum grip. Because Lizzie is also passionate about preserving our planet, her signature shoe received the Vans VR3 Checkerboard Globe designation, meaning it follows strict footwear material guidelines for all major components and has been designed and engineered to have a reduced carbon footprint compared to Vans’ canvas shoes.


To celebrate the release of the new Lizzie shoes, we had a special couple of classes at Birkenhead on the 23rd of April thanks to Vans New Zealand!

Instead of our usual Birkenhead class from 10am-12pm, we held 2 seperate classes!


The first lesson started at 9am and was a beginners session! Over 30 girls attended the beginner session, with 90% of them never stepping foot on a skateboard before!

After the first hour, we had girls dropping in on their own - who couldn’t even stand on a skateboard at the start of the lesson!


So many happy little girls, and equally as stoked parents!


Vans kindly gifted us 8 pairs of shoes, hats, socks and millions of stickers to give out to the girls on the day!


At 10am, we held an intermediate session for our more confident skaters!

Over 35 girls attended our intermediate session, with girls as young as 6 attending!

Many of our 7-8 year old intermediate girls learnt how to do some blunts, 5-0s and frontside rock and rolls during this lesson!

We had the best morning ever! Sharing around so many wonderful gifts from Vans, trying out the new Lizzie’s & of course skating!

Thank you so much Vans! We had the best day, and are obsessed with the latest Lizzie Shoes! 🥰

brooke found a sticker which equalled a new deck!


Easter 2022

This Easter we held our annual Good Friday Skate Jam at Valonia Skatepark!

Over 30 girls of all different ages and abilities attended the session, with new tricks being learnt all around!

We hid 10 stickers around Valonia skatepark, each sticker representing a prize!

All the girls partook in a Treasure Hunt which saw 10 lucky girls going home with either a new board, some grip tape or other awesome skate goodies!

We were so excited to be holding this event, as it was our first event we didn’t need to implement COVID restrictions in over two years.

It was an awesome afternoon with lots of skating, treats, prizes & fun! And it was a great way to celebrate the end of the first term back at school!


Sisters Ruby & Ivy at our first session at Birkenhead!
Sienna rocking the awesome makeup! With Lili & Blake creeping in the back!
Lili and Viv!
Sisters Minty and Tiger!
Sisters Tegan and Sophie!

With so much uncertainty regarding covid alert levels, we were unsure if we would be able to hold our annual Halloween Jam!

Luckily a week or so prior to Halloween we dropped down to alert level 3, meaning we were able to have groups of 10 together!

Hearing the news we were able to get together again was the best! But we still weren’t sure how to run a Halloween skate session if only 9 girls were able to attend!

We managed to run 3 seperate groups on the day! We hit Birkenhead first thing in the morning, it had been super stormy all morning and we weren’t sure if the lesson would even go ahead - thankfully it cleared up just in time for us to sneak our sessions in!

It was the raddest! Full face clown makeup, fake blood - the creativity for outfits this year was the best!

Lots of new learns, lots of smiles & lots of treats x

Although it wasn’t what we had hoped, we were still glad we were somehow able to celebrate one of our favourite holidays together amidst the pandemic!

I can’t wait for next year! - Amber



May was Pink Ribbon Breakfast Month!

Pink Ribbon Breakfast is Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s biggest fundraising campaign. The money raised helps fund breast cancer education; innovative projects by some of New Zealand’s top researchers; and supports patients and their families as they navigate through their breast cancer journeys.

We hosted our own Pink Ribbon Breakfast during one of our free Sunday classes at Birkenhead Skatepark. We encouraged the girls to come to the lesson in their favourite pink accessories and bring along a gold coin donation (or contribute to our fundraising page) to help raise funds for a charity we hold very close to our heart!

We had over 30 girls come along and participate in the lesson, all dressed in pink - face paint and all.

We put on a little picnic by the bowl which included pink iced jam buns, strawberries, pancakes and heaps of other goodies for the girls to snack on between tricks!

All up between gold coin donations and online transactions we raised $343 on the day, and $800 all up towards breast cancer research!

It was such a beautiful morning with happy faces, delicious treats, information about awareness and rad tricks!

Thank you so much to everybody who attended and donated, if you wish to contribute to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ just click the link below!



This Easter we held our yearly Good Friday class at Valonia Skatepark! We had a shared lunch, Easter egg hunt around the skatepark & we gave away lots of spot prizes (including a complete skateboard!) Over 30 girls came along and attended. We skated the afternoon away to music, food and good vibes with our fellow skate mates! Thank you to everybody who came and attended! Also a big thank you to our coaches and parents for making it a great afternoon!


Charli getting her drop in certificate!
Brielle anf Lani with their prizes they won from the treasure hunt!
Candycains were hidden all around Valonia!
Fresh completes were also won from the treasure hunt!
thank you so much to all of our coaches for helping to set up our shared afternoon tea!

2020 was a rough year for all of us! We missed out on a lot of skate school, seeing our friends and the skateparks during lockdown. We couldn’t think of a better way to see the year off with a Christmas Party skate afternoon at Valonia with all of our skate friends now that Auckland is back to level 1!

We had spot prizes, music, food, candy canes and lots of skating! We hid 30 candy canes around the skatepark, each one allocated to a rad skate prize we had to give away. Some girls won stickers, socks, hats and even a couple of decks were given away too!

Lots of new tricks were laid down, and a few girls even got their first drop ins and got go home with a Drop In Certificate! Merry Christmas from Girls Skate NZ! We hope you all have an amazing time with friends and family ❤️


Charli & Esme rocking the awesome makeup & outfits!
Esme, Charli, Brielle and Ella as we got rained off on the 31st! :( luckily we made up for it the ne
Shared breakast on Sunday 1st Nov! Nice and dry skatepark!
Jessica Ready (@double__decca) shredding Valonia bowl in her skeleton gears!

After a few months of lockdown it was so much fun to be able to safely get the girls together for our annual Halloween Skate Jam. We had missed Easter, a couple school holidays & HEAPS of classes! We were so grateful to be able to get together today!

Unfortunately the rain came down on the 31st, so we ate snacks in the shelter and rescheduled for the next day! Although it was a Sunday morning, the girls came redressed up and ready to skate! We had a shared lunch, best dressed awards and fake blood everywhere!

Thank you so much to all the coaches who helped out on the day, and also the parents who baked for the shared lunch, and had to do Halloween makeup twice! We love you! Can’t wait for next year!



On October 31st we decided to have a Halloween Party/ Skate Jam at Valonia Skate Park. 4pm arrived and the food was out, music was on and the lollies were ready to go for the girls who had some rad tricks & spooky outfits! We had witches, fairies, zombies and even a Jake Phelps join us for a fun afternoon of shredding & tricks for treats! Millie won herself a fresh Real Deck for best dressed with her Zombie Helmet that had brains sticking out of it!

Thank you to everybody who came and helped out!