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Girls Skate NZ aims to empower girls through skateboarding, an activity that boosts confidence, mental toughness and physical health. Girls are taught how to skate in a warm and friendly environment where they can feel safe and progress at a level that is comfortable for them. While learning the basics of skateboarding, girls will also be taught the correct safety measures and skatepark etiquette to prevent injury.

Girls Skate NZ classes help break down barriers in skateboarding such as social intimidation, gender discrimination and financial burden to ensure skateboarding is more accessible to those who cannot afford to participate or are intimidated to go to skateparks

At our classes we are able to provide skateboards, helmets and safety gear to new skaters wanting to attend!

All of our classes this term are funded by Auckland Council and Sport NZ which means we are able to run the sessions for free!

We are so grateful for that opportunity which helps make our classes accessible to whoever wants to get involved, thank you Sport NZ, Out & About and Auckland Council!

Each class has an average of 20-25 girls attend. With 3-5+ coaches there to lend a hand. 

As the girls arrive we split them into several separate groups with a coach.

The groups they get put in are based on their skill level and age, or with the coach we think will be the most beneficial!

Our classes are open to all ages and abilities, and although the majority of the skaters who attend our are under 16, we do encourage older girls who want to learn – to jump in!

We will find a coach who will be able to help you, in a group that still suits!

Our beginner groups follow a structured delivery plan tailored to keeping the skaters safe whilst educating them on the correct technique, etiquette and basics of skateboarding. 

The other groups are skaters who have already mastered the basics, and are ready to move on to learning tricks.

With the other groups our coaches encourage the girls to be creative, and think of their own tricks they want to learn whilst guiding them on the best way to do so, and keeping them safe and feeling confident. (i.e. holding their hands for the tricks to prevent falling whilst explaining the correct technique.) 

Otherwise our coaches are able to grab a grasp of the skaters style, and suggest new tricks that will work for them!

Throughout our lessons we try our best to encourage our girls to be confident, determined and show etiquette to other skate park users.

The skaters all get to progress at their own pace, and work together while individually progressing.


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